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European Database: Women in Decision-making
The Database
This is your direct way to the database. Start your query on statistical or individual d ata on women in decision-making positions.
Fact Sheets
Have a look at comparative overviews based on figures from our database.
European Institutions
Statistical data on the representation of women in the EU-Institutions.
Women in the Telecommunications Industry
With the advent of liberalisation, the telecom-sector has seen great upheavels and ever changing structures. Stability and continuity are hard to come by these days. One of the exceptions: constant low levels of women's representation in top-leadership positions. Here we provide you with data about women in top-leadership positions in the biggest telecommunications companies in the year 2000.
Are women entering politics for different reasons and through different access routes than men? What is special about their career and leadership style? Women politicians in all the Member States of the European Union have answered those questions in the interviews led by the transnational team of the European Database.
Country Reports
Are you looking for qualitative data on equal opportunities policies in the European Union? Choose a Member State and find information on electoral and party systems, women's suffrage, legal frameworks, equal opportunities infrastructure and governmental objectives/strategies, plus actions to promote women's participation in politics. 'Quick facts' provide you with everything at a glance and feature portraits of outstanding women who have influenced the development of gender equality in their countries.
The Brochure
You can download our brochure as .pdf-Datai here. In order to be able to read the file, you need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free:
Women in Banking and Finance
This is your direct way to information on women in banking and finance. Here you can find data on the representation of women in top-management positions of banks and institutions of finance.

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