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Europäische Datenbank: Frauen in Führungspositionen

Quick facts from Iceland

Women in Politics:
Women's suffrage active: 1915
Women's suffrage passive: 1915
1st Women in parliament: 1922 Ingibjörg H. Bjarnason
1st Women in government: 1970 Auður Auðuns, minister of justice and ecclesiastical affairs
1st Ministry on women's issues:  
% women in national Parliament: 36,5% (2000)
% women in national Government: 40,0% (2000)
Electoral System:
Proportional: In each constituency most of the seats are divided between the political parties by proportional representation.
Quota Law: No quota regulation legislation.
Party Quota: No quota regulation on party level.
% women with secondary degree:  
% women with degree in higher education:  
% women in senior management:  
Women's employment rates:
Full time: 50,8% (1997)
Part-time: 49,2% (1997)
Activity rate: 76,3% (1997)
Unemployment: 3,8% (1997)
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