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Gender Mainstreaming Strategies in Iceland

1. Action Plans for Gender Mainstreaming

Did national, regional and/or local governments in your country launch a plan aiming to implement equal opportunities for women and men in all fields of policy while at the same time ensuring that persisting gender gaps are being addressed by positive action?

If so, please indicate:

Official name of plan in original language ingslyktun um framkvmdatlun til fjgurra ra um agerir til a n fram jafnrtti kynjanna.
Date when plan was presented and launched 28. may 1998
Essential objectives and features To involve gender mainstreaming in all aspects of policy, desicionmaking and actions made by the government and the ministries.
Quantitative goals and timetables A committee was established to find out in which way the official policy is effecting gender equality.
Allocated budget Unknown

2. Getting ready for Gender Mainstreaming

Are national, regional and local governments or other key-players currently preparing the ground for implementing gender mainstreaming?

If you see indications in your country, please elaborate.


Awareness raising events and publications by governments, equality infrastructures, women's NGOs, trade unions etc. The Nordic Council of Ministers has a plan for implementing gender mainstreaming in all their work.
The Nordic Council of Ministers had a mainstreaming project made within young peoples work- and activitiespolitcs. In Iceland the work was done in 1997-2000.
The Office for Gernder equality printed in 1997 informations and instructions on gender mainstreaming.
Training targeted at various actors organised by governments, equality infrastructures etc. Unknown
Research and study Unknown
Information and funding of women's NGOs in a perspective of making them key-actors in the process of gender mainstreaming Unknown
Other Unknown

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