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Karin Falkmer

  • Member of Swedish Parliament since 1987
  • Member of Committee on Industry and Trade
  • Member of Swedish Inter-Parliamentary Group
  • Born 1936
  • Certified physical education instructor
    Karin Falkmer became a member of the Moderate Party in the 1960s due to the fact that as a teacher she was dissatisfied with the Swedish school system. She has a non-political background. Karin Falkmer did not, however, have to work her way up and was promptly offered a position within the municipal council (Kommunfullmäktige).

    Since 1973 she has been permanently politically active, since her three children were already grown up. In 1987 she was elected to national Parliament.
    Karin Falkmer feels competent in economic debates as well as in European politics. In fact, she was a member of the EU-Parliament as well.
    She disagrees with the quota system, however feels that there should be more women active within the Parliament. In her opinion, the leading party has brought forth the notion to underpay working women.

    Karin Falkmer believes that the existence of female role models is essential. She feels that women have the tendency not to believe in themselves and to value their strengths.
    Karin Falkmer, herself, feels that she did not have any barriers to overcome.

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