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Monica Green

  • Member of Swedish Parliament since 1994
  • Chairwoman of the Social Democratic Party for Skövde County (since 1996)
  • Currently deputy member of the Committee on Industry and Trade and member of Committee on Transport and Communications
  • Born 1959
  • Graduated from Gothenburg University in the eighties with a degree in education
  • Taught at Falköping high school before entering politics in 1994
    Monica Green did not want to be a mere observer. She wanted to be politically engaged, even though she did not originate from a political background. During her youth, she was active in the "Young Socialist Democrats" (SSU). She became a union member and, naturally, progressed into the Social Democratic Party. She did not set out to become a professional politician but somehow drifted into full time service in 1994. Obviously her private life has influenced her political life. As a stressed mother, she challenged outdated attitudes at the local party level. In the beginning Monica Green saw all issues as black and white believing e.g. firms should be owned by the state. She now believes in competition. Her special interests are children, youth affairs and IT. Her goal is to build up a community where differences are accepted and equality is reached.
    Regarding the quota system Monica Green says:

    "It is a good thing. It is very good that now there are more women within the party. The debates are more lively, more extravagant and somewhat more enjoyable."

    However, Monica Green believes that women are still discriminated against.
    Generally women are not taken seriously and not considered as reliable as men.
    Barriers still exist for women. Women still have to perform better than men to gain a position.
    To overcome these obstacles you have to recognise the unwritten rules of male structures of power and you have to understand the patriarchal system to push things through.

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