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Caroline Hagström

  • Member of Swedish Parliament since 1998
  • Member of Committee on Environment and Agriculture
  • Born 1964
  • Education as a riding instructor
    Caroline Hagström came from an average middle class family where political topics were discussed, however none of her family members were active in a party. Through her peers influence she entered the political arena. Since 1993 she has been in the Christian Democratic Party. Caroline Hagström's private life was greatly influenced by the fact that she became a mother but her new role did not hinder her carrier. Yet she explained that it is impossible as an active party member to embark on any other professional activities. Within the party, her main concerns are agriculture and environment. However, Caroline Hagström focuses on smaller businesses and health care as well. She aims to bring forth her political point of view. However, it is important for her to harmonise with the opposition parties, and to react open-minded towards them.

    Caroline Hagström feels that women in Swedish society are treated equally. Nowadays in the business world it is not difficult to find competent women in higher positions. According to the quota system Caroline Hagström`s party has also decided to make every second person on the election lists a woman. But this should not be an incentive to meet the 50% of female representatives within the Parliament. Caroline Hagström impression is that the quota system did not really help her to a large extent. In her opinion, she does not see any acts of discrimination while undergoing her work within the Parliament. Bringing up the question of obstacles, Caroline Hagström mentioned that due to the fact that all party representatives are active in Stockholm and also have to travel a lot it is difficult to maintain a regulated family life. Another obstacle can be the lack of self-esteem. She felt herself incapable of taking on responsibilities. She did however realise that every beginning is hard, but through experience everything can be achieved.

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