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Sofia Jonsson

  • Member of Swedish Parliament since 1998
  • Member of Committee on the Labour Market
  • Member of Committee on Education
  • Born 1972
  • Graduated with a degree in economics
    Sofia Jonsson became interested in politics through her local community, supporting the Centre Party. In her youth she joined the youth wing of the party. Then Sofia Jonsson took a break while she travelled abroad.
    Sofia Jonsson graduated in business studies but also worked in different areas.
    She has been a member of the party since 1986 and became an elected representative of the party in 1998. Her areas of interest are democracy and education.
    Sofia Jonssons political goals are to influence and to guide public opinion.
    She believes that Swedish women are only equal on paper but still does not support the quota system.
    Personally Sofia Jonsson believes that existing equality strategies did not assist her. Primarily, women are clearly behind with respect to salaries and position of power. Furthermore she mentioned that women continue to be discriminated e.g. with respect to parental leave. It is a hard life mixing politics and family due to the fact of the considerable travelling and long meetings.
    One thing is clear for Sofia Jonsson, the party structure must change. To be elected should require a longer experience and to reach positions of responsibility should take much longer.

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