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Eva Zetterberg

  • Member of Swedish Parliament since 1991
  • Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament since 1998
  • Deputy member of Committee for Foreign Affairs
  • Deputy member of Joint Committee on the Constitution and Foreign Affairs
  • Member of the Swedish Inter-Parliamentary Group
  • Deputy member of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
  • Deputy member of Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs
  • Born 1947
    Eva Zetterberg has always taken an interest in what influences people's life. Her father was a priest and represented the Social Democratic Party. She first joined the solidarity movement for Latin America and was also active in the "Chile Committee".
    In 1973, she joined the Left Party and was elected as a county representative at the end of the seventies. The Left Party is the only feminist party in Sweden, and equality is very important for the party.
    Eva Zetterberg finds it easier to work as a Member of Parliament than operating at lower political levels. Her areas of interest are foreign affairs, human rights and development issues. She said the goals that should be reached are changing the world, more support for less developed countries and to stop Swedish armament exports.
    Although the quota system exists within the party and women fill every second position, all the women of her party still do not feel equal. But Eva Zetterberg believes it is very positive to have female politicians as role models e.g. the speaker of the Parliament Brigitta Dahl. Eva Zetterberg realises there are still many advantages in being a woman as well.
    Discrimination should be made visible. Barriers for women still have to be overcome e.g. the 10% difference in wages and that only 5% of Swedish board members are women. Eva Zetterberg, however, never experienced such barriers and feels particularly privileged.

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