European Database: Women in Decision-making

Analysis of Employees in the COR Secretariat by Gender and Category

Category A - Junior and Senior Management

Category Total Women Men Women %
A1 - - - -
A2 2 0 2 0,0%
A3 4 0 4 0,0%
A4 - - - -
A5 9 2 7 22,2%
A6 5 1 4 20,0%
A7 16 7 9 43,8%
A8 13 10 3 76,9%
Total 49 20 29 40,8%
Date: Jan 2000

All Categories * - an overview for comparision

Category Total Women Men Women %
A 49 20 29 40,8%
LA 60 35 25 58,3%
B 20 8 12 40,0%
C 85 63 22 74,1%
D 5 0 5 0,0%
Total 219 126 93 57,5%
Date: Jan 2000

Equal opportunities for CoR personnel

A committee for equal opportunities, jointly representative of staff and administration (called 'COPEC'**), has just recently been put in place. The COPEC is responsible for establishing an action plan and studying how to improve the situation of equal opportunities for the men and women working in the Committee of the Regions. A yearly presentation of its works will be given to the Bureau. The tables above show the proportion of men and women in the different categories. As can be seen, an effort remains to be made for a more active participation of women in the higher grades. Despite a majority of women (57,53%) in the total, the greatest proportion of women is to be found in category C. Looking at category A, a glass ceiling effect can be observed as, although there is seemingly a great proportion of women (40,82%) in this category, from grade A5 up, positions are exclusively held by men.

**COPEC - Joint Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (Comité paritaire pour l' Egalité des Chances)

Programme d'action du COPEC du Comite des Regions


The Equal opportunities ad hoc group was adopted by the Bureau of the Committee of the Regions. Headed by Cllr Rosemary McKenna (UK), the group met 4 times in 1997. As per its work plan, it covered the 3 themes mentioned below. Each theme led to a document giving concrete recommendations for the application of the agreed principles:
1. Equal opportunities in the drafting of CoR opinions: "Guidance to rapporteurs on incorporating an equalities impact analysis into COR opinions" CdR 243/97.
2. CoR Members nomination: proportion of men and women: "Resolution by the Committee of the Regions to Member States with regard to proposals for future appointments in terms of equal opportunities" CdR 237/97 fin.
3. Equal opportunities for CoR staff; "Equal opportunities in the COR secretariat" CdR 214/97.

Point three is what is covered here.
A brochure and a conclusion document entitled "Outcomes and future developments in terms of equal opportunities in the CoR" CDR 343/97, provide a summary of all the above decisions.


A presentation to the Bureau will be made on a yearly basis thus showing action taken and giving an update of the situation on these three fronts for equal opportunities in the CoR.

Source/authorised by: Ms. Françoise Villette, President of CoR COPEC
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