European Database: Women in Decision-making

The Database presents data on women in political decision-making since 01.01.1990. No data prior to this date was included.

How a Search Query is carried out

Firstly, please make the decision on which area or issue you want to have information. Please select one of the areas from the list: Elections, Governments, Parliaments, Parties or Women in Decision-Making.
When you've decided on an area, you can further limit your search query to one certain country or you can choose the option 'All Member States'.
Then please click on the Search button.

It is possible to further define your search on the page which follows.


If the country of your choice is divided up into regions, you can select one region; if you then need data on the national level, you simply select the option country from here. If you do not select any options here, matching recordsets will appear for the national and regional level.

Enter from which year you wish to have data. The database has only collected statistical information from the year 1990 onwards. If you don't select a year, the entire data since 1990 will be shown.
It is possible to limit a search to election results showing a specific proportion of elected women. You can enter this minimum proportion in steps of 5%.

You can opt for all, none or any combination of the three search criteria explained above.

Parliaments and Governments

If you've opted for the area of parliaments, you can sometimes choose between parliaments at national and regional level. If the national parliament consists of two houses, both will appear labelled as Upper and Lower House respectively.

You can target your search query to parliaments with a certain proportion of women (by the way the highest proportion is 45%).
Further you could search for parliaments with a female president.
It is the same procedure for the constellation of governments, although here you can also search for a prime minister (currently only three in Europe).
A combination of any of the above criteria is possible.


It is possible to differentiate between parties with quota or parity regulations.

Women in Decision-Making

Enter the name of the woman being sought. If you're not exactly sure of the correct spelling, use the joker '%'.
It is possible to search for women under the criteria of the place where holding office or standardised decision-making positions. For example you can research all of the Austrian ministers on regional level or all women in the national parliament of Sweden.

When you've filled out your search query click on the Search button. A list will appear containing all the matching data. By clicking on the blue coloured area of one row you can get more detailed information.

Every page has a menu bar. From there you can start a New Query  at any time.

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